Metal Technology Group

We are a leader in the production of cast and machined parts

Business proposal

Our business proposal:

Metal Technology Group is looking for trade agents with proven experience. We will expect from them to make new contacts and negotiate with our potential clients, to sign contracts and give us commercial and marketing information for the respective markets, to develop our customers according to our strategy.

Considering our strong export orientation and also with reference to our strategy to develop and enlarge the distribution policy by alternative sells channels and contacts with customers, we would like to build up an active and working net of commercial agents.
We have already proven our experience in this direction and have good and successful commercial procedures and practice. We invite you to be part of this process and together to develop out mutual potential.

You are welcome to send us more information about you, including:

1. Type of products you are trading with.
2. Industrial markets where your sell your products to and their volume in % from the total sales of your company.
3. Turnover of your company for the last 5 years
4. Regional markets where you are trading for the last 2 years
5. Your strength and directions for development.
6. Your team – we would be pleased to have an overview of their experience and background.

Providing us the above information, we will be able to evaluate at the highest level the potential, the markets and the industries for future business cooperation with you.

If you are interested in our business proposal, please respond to us with your feedback to the following e-mail: