Metal Technology Group
one group – many possibilities
mission and values
We are a leader in the production of cast and machined parts
Our mission is to find the best technological solution for our clients and to exceed their expectations for QCD (quality, cost and delivery) through continuous improvement.
We are focused on:
– 100% conformity parts and on time delivery
– high flexibility and responsiveness to the customer
– transparency and cooperation
– management of the whole sales and delivery chain

Our vision is to become a first choice supplier from South – East Europe for castings and machined parts. We will develop alternative processes, together with our customers, aiming for the best-in-class delivery terms, quality and prices.

The values we have:
– Professionalism, training, experience and innovation
– Added value for our partners
– Continuous improvement

All MTG plants have a responsibility to increase productivity and growth, but also a high socially responsibility for environment, health and safety relating to all employees and the community. These business and social objectives must be clearly defined and publicised to all employees and business partners according to a written management policy for quality and EHS (environment, health and safety) on site.