Metal Technology Group

Machine casting of AlSi based alloys under low pressure and gas counter pressure

General information

Total area: 59 685 sq.m.
Covered area: 30 783 sq.m.
Employees: 160
Export share (2018): 65%

Production capabilities

Material: AlSi based alloys
Diameter: up to ΓΈ 1500 mm
Height: up to 500 mm
Weight: up to 150 kg
Wall thickness: min 4,5 mm
Wall thickness: min 2,0 mm (for squeeze casting only)

Casting methods

Low pressure casting of aluminium alloys
Counter pressure casting of aluminium alloys
Squeeze casting of aluminium alloys

Production process

Detailed information about the close production cycle in the factory you can find here /assets/images/pdf.png


ISO 9001:2015 /assets/images/pdf.png
ISO 14001:2015 /assets/images/pdf.png
IATF 16949:2016 /assets/images/pdf.png
BDS EN ISO 50001:2011 /assets/images/pdf.png