Metal Technology Group

Centrifugal casting of rolls, tubes and cylinder liners of steel and cast iron

General information

/uploads/page/6/thumbs/MTG_GroupMembers_Centromet_inline.png Material: Cast iron and Steel
Total area: 22 317 sq.m.
Covered area: 9 462 sq.m.
Employees: 110
Export share (2018): 99%

Product groups

Centrifugal cast Tubes and tube assemblies (chemical industry)
Cylinder Liners (diesel engines and diesel generators)
Bimetallic Rolls (ceramic, food and dying industry
Furnace Rolls (metallurgical industry)
General machine building parts

Production process

Detailed information about the close production cycle in the factory you can find here /assets/images/pdf.png


ISO 9001:2015 /assets/images/pdf.png
ISO 14001:2015 /assets/images/pdf.png
ISO 45001:2018 /assets/images/pdf.png
BDS EN ISO 50001:2011 /assets/images/pdf.png

TÜV certificate - QM System according to EN 746-5, article 4,2 and AD 2000 - MerkblattW0 /assets/images/pdf.png

Product certificates for:
- Producer of Spheroidal-Graphite and Grey Cast Iron /assets/images/pdf.png
- Producer of Carbon, Stainless and Austenite Steels /assets/images/pdf.png