Metal Technology Group

Machine sand moulding and no bake casting of grey and ductile cast iron

General information

Total area: 69 000 sq.m.
Covered area: 56 167 sq.m.
Employees: 220
Export share (2018): 63%

Production capabilities

Machine casting of grey and ductile cast iron
No bake casting

Max dimensions of the castings:
550 х 450 х 350 mm

Single weight of the castings:
from 1 to 50 kg

No bake casting:
from 1 to 200 kg
Single castings: up to 500 kg

Production process

Detailed information about the close production cycle in the factory you can find here /assets/images/pdf.png


ISO 9001:2015 /assets/images/pdf.png
ISO 14001:2015 /assets/images/pdf.png
HPQ certificates (DB) for Spare parts for rolling stock of grey and ductile cast iron /assets/images/pdf.png
Q1 Quality Certificate (DB) /assets/images/pdf.png
TUV certificate for Manufacturer of materials according to Directive 97/23/EC /assets/images/pdf.png
BDS ISO 50001:2011 /assets/images/pdf.png