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MTG General Terms and Conditions for production and sale

General Selling Terms and Conditions

  1. SCOPE
    1.1. These General terms and conditions of production and sale (referred to as General conditions) regulate the legal agreements between MTG AD, OSSAM, ALUCOM and CENTROMET, referred to together and individually as „MTG” or „Supplier” on the one hand and on the other hand their Customers (referred to as Buyers as well) with regard to the production and the delivery of products, details and provision of services.
    The commercial relations of MTG with the Buyers are based on the General conditions for production and delivery of specially developed components of Orgalime SC 06, the latter being an integral part of these General conditions, excluding the expressly specified in this document:
    1.2. All terms and conditions, proposed in the order of the Buyer, respectively his general purchasing conditions, which result in amendments or are in conflict with the purchasing terms and conditions mentioned here, are contested and do not engage MTG. Any amendment or supplement to these General conditions will be effective only in case it is unequivocally accepted by MTG in writing. In case, different terms and conditions are unequivocally agreed in writing, they refer exclusively to a specifically mentioned question and to a specific transaction.

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