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MTG General Purchasing Terms and Conditions

General Purchasing Terms and Conditions

These General Purchasing Terms shall be applicable to all the Purchasing Contracts /hereinafter referred to as the “Contracts”/, in connection with the supply from Providers with goods and services to the following companies registered in the Republic of Bulgaria: “Metal Technology Group Angel Balevski Holding” AD, “Metal Technology Group” AD, “Alucom” AD, “Ossam” AD and “Centromet” AD, jointly or severally /hereinafter referred as – „the BUYER/S”/.

Enquiry for the provision of an offer for the conclusion of a contract

1. The BUYER shall send to the PROVIDER in writing an enquiry for the conclusion of a contract for purchase of certain goods and services, on the grounds of which enquiry the PROVIDER may present a binding offer signed by representatives of the PROVIDER duly authorized for the purpose.
2. The signing of the Contract with the BUYER shall assume acceptance of these General Conditions on the part of the PROVIDER.

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