Metal Technology Group

We are a leader in the production of cast and machined parts

About us

MTG is a corporate group consolidating Bulgarian foundries, specialized in production of different type of castings. Each member company has its own specific knowledge and production technology. The group was established in 1997, however, before this time, all of the foundries have had their own separate and independent activities. During the years of privatization of the metallurgical sector in Bulgaria, they were privatized and became part of the holding group.

The activities of the company extend on 5 continents and the company has customers in more than 25 countries. The number of employees (Head Office and production companies) is about 560.

The following foundries are member companies of MTG:

Alucom – member of MTG
The company was established in 1973 and until 1990 supplied aluminium castings for the military, engine trucks and the machine-building industry in Bulgaria and the countries of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (CMEA). In 1997 Alucom AD is privatized and become a member company of Metal Technology Group Acad. A. Balevski Holding AD – Sofia. The foundry is modernized and its production capabilities are expanded due to investments in machines and infrastructure.
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Centromet – member of MTG
The company was established in 1977 as a scientific-production enterprise and specializes in production of metal castings by the method of centrifugal casting. The production range includes parts for chemical, metallurgical, mining, machine building and other industries. Cylinder liners, furnace rolls, double layers roller shells and bimetallic item are only part of the production items in Centromet AD. Retaining its original activities, the company was privatized in 1999 and became a member of Metal Technology Group.
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Ossam – member of MTG
The company is a sand mould casting foundry for grey cast iron castings, nodular or ductile cast iron castings and ADI (austempered ductile iron) castings. Ossam AD is able to produce both blank castings as well as fully-machined parts. After the privatization in 1997 Ossam AD became a member company of Metal Technology Group.
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A detailed information for each of our member companies you can find in the section Members of MTG or simply by clicking on the company name in the text above.