Metal Technology Group

We are a leader in the production of cast and machined parts

References for good partnership


Alstom Power Energy Recovery GmbH, Germany /assets/images/pdf.png
Dana Holding Corporation - Spicer Off Highway, Belgium /assets/images/pdf.png
Fabryka Armatury Hawle, Poland /assets/images/pdf.png
Gian Clay Solution LLC - Ukraine /assets/images/pdf.png
Haendle GmbH, Germany /assets/images/pdf.png
Hawle, Hungary /assets/images/pdf.png
Herrmann AG - Germany /assets/images/pdf.png
HIP - Petrohemija a.d., Serbia /assets/images/pdf.png
Mahler AGS GmbH, Germany /assets/images/pdf.png
Morando Srl, Italy /assets/images/pdf.png
Richter Formteile GmbH, Germany /assets/images/pdf.png
voestalpine Railpro BV, The Netherlands /assets/images/pdf.png