Metal Technology Group
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We are seeking people to move forward with us in the business
Our team
The development of Metal Technology Group AD results from the meeting of the experience with the new ideas.

We are proud with our teams where, the proven professionalism collaborates with the innovation and enthusiasm of the young specialists.

We are one group with many possibilities.

Our main goal is to inspire and give chance to people with ideas and desire for work to develop and contribute to the success of our company. We are always willing to welcome specialists with proven experience in the field of engineering, sales, acounting and human resources.

People without experience and education in this field, but highly motivated to work in a production company, are welcome in our plants. We could provide them with suitable training and possibility for qualification courses and trainings and help them acquire new skills.

The company does not use discriminatory practices and do not treat people by age, race or gender, but only on their, contribution, knowledge and skills.